We trust SEO and content marketing

We take our clients to the most coveted and important place in the digital world: the first page of Google. And we do it hand in hand with the best possible ally: content.

We want to support brands and companies so that they can offer valuable information to their customers, educate their community, answer their questions and explain the benefits of their products in an entertaining and simple way.

We are sure that the best way to increase sales is to contribute to the environment, reach a greater number of people and generate confidence in the market.


Like MOZ, Pencil Speech is born from a mother-son venture: a dedicated customer service and a passionate storyteller came together to create a marketing agency and transfer their knowledge to the digital realm.

Over time, Pencil understood the power of content and decided to forget about advertising. We believe that helping others is the most transparent and organic way to get to the first page of Google.

We are convinced that we can build a better world with less intrusive and more honest marketing.

Advertising is dead. Or at least he’s dying.

The reason to wake up every morning

We are motivated that more and more people know the value of the first page of Google and the power that lies in the content, in the pencil. We see that in today’s digital world there is much more interest in social networks than in search engines. We want to change that perception.

We are motivated to create, do things well, innovate, write, explain. Design good and beautiful things. Useful and aesthetic. We are seekers of excellence. Information eaters. Lovers of learning. We want to create a study community around the topics that we are most passionate about.


Help brands get to the first page of Google with SEO and content marketing.

We teach and serve

We leave our clients valuable information so that they do not feel blind during the process.


We want to create quality things, innovate and become a reference. We do it with:

  • Knowledge
  • Optimism
  • Human relations
  • Brick to brick
  • Focused

Marisabel Felice

Commercial director
It is not just being a service provider, it is giving value to our client and going beyond what they need.


Juan Sanoja

Creative Director
In marketing, beware of those who want to sell you the hare: this world is run by turtles.


Tomás Atilano

Project manager
The entrepreneur seeks the maximization of opportunities, rather than the maximization of benefits.

Marian Piñango

Marian Piñango

Process manager
Well-told stories never end. They go beyond paper.

Reynaldo Ceballos

Linkbuilding Specialist
It's about transcending what you think you are and becoming someone better.

Andrea Noda

Brand manager
See the pattern, find your practice, and you can begin to live the process of making magic. Your magic. The magic we need right now.

José Montilla

Web developer
Where some see problems, others see opportunities, everything is a matter of vision.

Julio Sanoja

Google Ads Consultant
We are at the beginning of a new cycle of great changes, so we must keep ourselves in permanent learning to help others.

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