Cost SEO On Page: Variants that influence (+Examples)

El costo de un SEO On Page puede variar dependiendo de la región y horas de trabajo. En general las tarifas SEO varían entres 600 USD y 2,400 USD.

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What are the variables that influence the cost of SEO On Page?

1.- Titles and descriptions of your main pages.

2.- Information architecture of the site (menus, URLs, internal links).

3.- Load speed.

4.- Most important errors (links that do not open).

5.- Installation of applications (plugins) useful in terms of SEO and user experience.

6.- Review of the website to determine if it is responsive on all platforms (PC, mobile, tablet).

7.- Indexing of all the pages (sitemap creation).

The SEO On Page cost of a provider located in Latin America can range between 600 USD and 2400 USD.

It should be noted that within these prices possible restructurings that must be made to the website are already contemplated.

SEO On Page, as we have explained in other articles, consists of changing what we call the shell, casing or wrapping of a portal, without touching much of its content.

From a financial point of view, it is usually cheaper to make these changes than to create a content campaign that includes, on average, about five pieces per month plus a performance report .

This is because it will always be more important, and more expensive ,  to fix the engine of the car ( content marketing ) , than just changing its paint.

If you want to delve into what SEO On Page is , we recommend that you first read this article before delving into the topic that we will analyze here.

The most basic SEO On Page can take about 10 hours , while projects that require more dedication can take between 45 and 50 hours .

In order to determine the final cost of this service, in this article we will evaluate, according to the hours of work required, all the variables that must be reviewed when planning the budget of an SEO On Page.

Considerations for reading this article

1.- The changes that must be made are subject to a price per SEO hour , which varies depending on the geographic location and the years of experience of the agency or freelancer.

2.- Remember the following: a website is made up of many pages.

When we refer to a website we speak of global changes and when we refer to pages we speak of specific changes.

3.- At the end of each subtitle you will find a summary table with approximate hours and costs (in case you do not want to read the full explanation).

Clarified these points, below we will evaluate each variable included in an SEO On Page :

SEO titles and descriptions

After the audit , the SEO provider will determine how the titles and descriptions of your main pages should be so that Google spiders and your potential clients can find your website more easily.

The hours required to execute these changes are directly affected by two aspects:

1.- Information architecture .

2.- Portal size.

Depending on the size and characteristics of the website, the SEO provider will make these changes manually or programmatically (so that the portal has dynamic titles).

How would this last option be?

Example of dynamic titles

Let’s imagine that you have an e-commerce that sells 1,000 products in various areas of a country.

A good SEO provider must be in charge of positioning each and every one of the pages that contain the description of those products.

This with the aim of placing the brand on the first page of Google, regardless of the state, city or area from which the user is searching.

If the SEO provider were to manually change the titles of those 1,000 pages, the budget would be outrageously expensive.

This is where programming comes in.

With code, the website can be made to make these changes automatically and thus significantly reduce the cost of this variable.

In this case, the hours that will come into consideration will be those that the SEO provider spends programming, not making the changes per se.

Example of fixed titles

On the other hand, if a website has about 10 pages, the SEO agency can make the changes manually, paying special attention to each of the titles and descriptions to be used.

These modifications can be done in two to four SEO hours .

Tipo de cambioHoras SEOInversión
Títulos fijos2-4$120 - $240
Títulos dinámicos2-3$120 - $180

If you want to observe a case study and see how these modifications exponentially increased the traffic of a website, click here : SEO On Page: 7 steps to apply it

Site information architecture, important bugs and user experience

At this point we will kill three birds with one stone.

1.- Structure of the web.

2.- Site problems.

3.- Installation of useful plugins in terms of optimization for search engines.

Remember that SEO does not end on the Google results page.

It is not enough to appear first in the search engine: we have to  offer a memorable user experience .

If not, people will quickly leave our website and choose another portal.

¿Qué es el pogo-sticking en SEO?

As we explained in the article about SEO On Page :

“You must not make your visitors think. They have to intuitively know how to do everything on your website and easily predict where the information they want is.”

In this text we will not explain in depth how you should organize your website, you can read that here: Create an SEO information architecture: How to organize your website?

What we will evaluate in this content is how many hours, on average, a web restructuring can take that includes correcting the most important errors and installing plugins

To do this, we are going to put two example cases.

First case: website designed correctly

An intuitive website, with its most important sections in view of the consumer and with easy navigation, probably does not need a deep restructuring, beyond the creation of a space where the company can publish its articles. I mean, a blog.

If the portal does not have such space, an SEO provider takes, on average, between 5 and 10 hours to create it.

Most of the hours are spent on layout.

What are the points we should consider?

1.- How we want the page to look.

2.- Where will the categories be?

3.- How will be the layout of the articles.

4.- What will be the special functions that the blog will offer (subscriptions, downloads, chats).

Normally this is a job that is done hand in hand with the client.

In this way we avoid constantly correcting the visual presentation of the content factory.

Parallel to this construction, the SEO provider can install all the necessary plugins to improve the user experience on the various pages.

Second case: restructuring of the website + creation of the blog

We must take this point with a grain of salt: detailing each possible scenario is impossible.

Every business is different, every site needs its specific improvements. These changes can be thousands.

Here are some examples of possible settings:

– Choose a new color palette.

 Edit the texts.

 Modify the internal structure of the portal sections.

 Add pages.

 Update the images.

 Accommodate the main menu.

 Include search engines.

 Add specific functions.

And you stop counting…

Usually, you need to make all of these changes before you create your blog.

This is because you have to have a really functional and ready website first, before you can start sending traffic to it.

This restructuring can enter as a totally new phase of the project, just before the stage of content marketing .

Línea de tiempo: SEO + Sitio
Timeline: SEO + Site

Financially, this issue can be addressed in two ways:

1-.  The client assumes the modifications suggested by the SEO agency and makes the changes with his own team of web developers.

two-.  The agency makes an SEO budget of how much it would cost to restructure the client portal.

In our experience, in Latin America, a website restructuring can cost between 600 USD and 1500 USD.


Depending on how you look at it.

The truth is that the stages of web restructuring almost always result in a new site

In favor of reducing costs, the best thing for the client is to have the same team of developers who built their portal.

That is why at Pencil Speech we recommend carrying out an SEO Analysis first , in order to create an optimized website and not have to constantly change the digital asset.

Tipo de cambioHoras SEOInversión
Ajustes sitio web5-10$300 - $600
Reestructuración de sitio web + creación de blog10-25$600 - $1500

Ensure that the website is adaptable (responsive) 

Sitio web responsive - costo SEO Técnico
Responsive website

We were able to touch on this point, calmly, in the previous section.

However, we separate it because it is not the same to have a responsive website ⁠— adaptable for any format (mobile or tablet ⁠)—, than to have a mobile version of your website.

This second case involves creating a totally separate design that is special for cell phones.

Bill Erickson , WordPress site building expert, explains that a website typically takes 12 weeks to develop and goes through four phases:

1.- Discovery: how you want your portal to be.

2.- Design: realization of the architecture of the site.

3.- Development: web creation.

4.- Modifications: adjustments to the final product.

So, basically, if your website is not responsive, you will have to do double the work to be able to cover all the devices from which your users find you.

If you do not build your portal with a content manager that makes your pages suitable for any screen, the SEO provider will require more time and the costs of the project will increase.

Tipo de cambioHoras SEOInversión
Revisar responsive0$0
Creación versión móvil8-25$480-$1500

Create a sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console

This is a really simple step, but extremely important.

After the entire website is accommodated, the provider must create the new map and upload it to Google’s engine room ( Search Console ).

In this way, the search engine will index (archive) more easily all the pages of the portal.

After a couple of months of completing this step, the client will be able to monitor their first quick wins achieved with SEO On Page.

In general, this is a step that does not affect the budget of the service.

If you want to know more information about how to create a sitemap and submit it to Search Console, you can go to this link .

Upload speed

As we have explained on several occasions, time is money.

Users no longer wait for websites.

Here you can read a more detailed explanation of why this is such a critical factor when it comes to ranking in Google: How does the loading speed affect the internal performance of your website?

Now we will explain the time it takes, in terms of SEO, to optimize this point.


1.- If only plugins need to be installed, improving the loading speed takes about 1 hour .

2.- In case it is necessary to carry out an evaluation of the site to analyze what could be eliminated from its structure, and then do some programming, it may require between 2 and 3 SEO hours .

This point depends on a lot of trial and error.

The provider will have to test until the ideal speed is reached.

Considerations to take into account:

1.- These changes are very technical .

If you remove something that affects the functioning of the site in favor of improving the loading speed, you will win in this section, but you will lose with respect to the user experience.

Evaluate well before making changes.

2.- You probably need the support of a web development expert to make these adjustments.

Tipo de cambioHoras SEOInversión
Instalar plugins1$60
Modificar el código del sitio web2-3$120-180

To learn more about SEO positioning prices, and find out how much it would cost you to position your website at the top of Google, click here .

On the other hand, if you are thinking of acquiring an On Page SEO service, contact us here .

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