Success stories:
Century 21 Venezuela

This real estate company originating in the United States –more than 50 years ago– was one of the first clients of Pencil Speech.

In 2018-2019, Century 21 trusted the work of this SEO agency to optimize its website in Venezuela and the results were atomic:

Among the notable achievements, a page with a high purchase intent went from 0 daily impressions (ie, it was invisible) to more than 327 daily views on the Google results page.

Months without SEO

0 k
Impressions (daily)

Months with SEO

0 k
Impressions (daily)

Clicks: Visits on the website

Impressions: Number of times it appeared on Google after a search.

Achievements and revelations

  • First page of Google with more than three keywords with high search volume within the real estate industry.
  • Increased from 5,362 to 10,221 daily impressions on the website (in less than six months).
  • Increase from 2,179 to 4,729 daily impressions on the home (in less than 4 months).
  • Increased from 0 to 327 daily impressions on a page with high purchase intent.
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