Success stories:
Promaker Tools

Promarker Tools is a distributor of power tools in Latin America (B2B business model) and retailers (B2C) in the United States.

The SEO project started with 217 quarterly clicks and, at the end, in the same period, more than 15 thousand clicks were obtained – which represents an increase of almost 7,000% in traffic.

In the Promaker project, SEO modifications and optimizations were made in both the English and Spanish versions of the website. SEO strategies for ecommerce were applied and special attention was paid to the user experience of the website.

Months without SEO

0 k


Months with SEO

0 k
0 k


Clicks: Visits on the website

Impressions: Number of times it appeared on Google after a search.

Achievements and revelations

  • 6,812% increase in clicks and 3,479% in impressions.
  • The English version of the site has Google impressions for key industry searches such as:

    -Power tools distributer
    – Brand tools
    – Hardware tools
    – Best power tools
    -Brand 2020

  • The company receives clicks for specific product searches. For example, the Professional Hacksaw has been viewed 208 times on Google in the last 28 days and received 2 clicks when it was previously invisible to people (Dec 2020).

  • The product and article pages are those that attract the most traffic for the company (high purchase intention).
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