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La Mujer de los Negocios

Roxana Castillo , nicknamed La Mujer de los Negocios , is a writer, journalist, TV presenter, speaker and chief editor of the digital platform Mujer Latina USA .

Specialized as a culinary business mentor, her mission is to help women entrepreneurs overcome the obstacles of creating a business from scratch.

Her SEO project began from the design of the website, since the client did not have a presence on Google.

At the end of the project year, the result was a website aligned with Roxana’s identity, which explains her services and positions her on Google as an expert in her area.

Roxana Castillo

Company: La Mujer de los Negocios

middle position
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Roxana Castillo , creator of the personal brand La Mujer de los Negocios , shares her impressions of hiring Pencil Speech to create her website .

Months with SEO

middle position
0 %


Average position: average place in the
Google results..

CTR: Relationship between the number
of impressions and clicks.

Achievements and revelations

  • More than 200 impressions for the query “mentor business owners” less than three months after launching the website.
  • First page of Google for the query “consulting fees 2021”
  • Visits to the website with the query “neurolider”, one of the most valuable for the client.
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