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How much does a website cost in 2023? Costs and comparisons

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How much does a web page cost?

A basic website with a blog can cost around 800 dollars. This budget can increase up to 3,500 USD if the design is custom and multiple features and plugins are required. On the other hand, a basic E-commerce is quoted between 2,500 and 3,000 USD.

You should also consider that if you are going to create a website, you probably want it to be found and positioned by Google in its results pages, in order to trigger traffic and sales. For this you will need SEO services .

Below is a list of how much a web page developed by an agency, freelancers, and specialized platforms costs, plus the costs of an SEO service included.

Prices of a web page according to development modalities


How much does it cost to develop a website with an agency?

When is it advisable to work with an agency?

  1. When you need to establish a lasting business relationship.
  2. When you are looking for a team that is 100% dedicated to your website.
  3. When you don’t have time to make several calls per professional.
  4. When your times to get involved are tight.

The greatest strength of the agencies is that their hiring denotes almost complete outsourcing. However, your costs will always be the highest.

How much does it cost to do an SEO website with an agency?

In Europe from €2,000 .

In the United States from 5,000 USD.

In Latin America from 1,150 USD.

We say ‘from’ because the minimum costs apply to simple web pages , such as landing or one pages, and do not include the development of graphic material or content . E-commerce and complete websites are more expensive.

Now, what are the delivery times? An agency can give you an operational and SEO optimized website in 3 months, as long as you can deliver all the material and from the beginning it is clear what your brief is.

How much does it cost to develop a website with freelancers?

When is it advisable to work with freelancers?

  1. When your business can still be classified as an entrepreneurship.
  2. When you plan to take care of your website.
  3. When you need to reduce time and processes, but optimizing budget.
  4. When you can get involved in the execution.
  5. When you have time to make individual contracts.

Although availability, personalization, detail and identification is not the strength of freelancers, their costs are.

Unlike agencies, developing a web project involves building a team from scratch. That is why the calculation of their costs must be done separately. According to Workana , these are the legal costs of a freelancer per hour:

  1. Graphic designer: per hour, from 10 USD in the United States, Europe and Latin America.
  2. Web programmer: per hour, from 10 USD in Europe, the United States and Latin America.
  3. Editor: per hour, from less than 10 USD in Europe, less than 10 USD in the United States and from 10 in Latin America.

These are the essential figures for a web project.

Now let’s make a relationship of hours with respect to responsibilities. If making a simple web page takes a maximum of a month and a half, these could be the basic hours worked by each one:

  1. Graphic designer: creation of banners, icons and other pieces: 12 hours.
  2. Web programmer: working on a WordPress template with minimal code modifications: 150 hours.
  3. Editor: creating all the texts of the portal: 10 hours.

So, how much does it cost to make an SEO website with freelancers?:

  1. In the United States, 1,720 USD.
  2. In Europe, 1,720 USD.
  3. In Latin America, 1,670 USD.

What can be the variables of these figures?

  1. A freelance designer may charge you for packages or pieces.
  2. A developer can charge you for months, packages, pages, installed plugins and configured languages. Additionally, it can assume the creation of the texts.
  3. An editor can charge by paragraphs, words or pages.

How much does it cost to develop a website with automated platforms?

Automated platforms are those that give you the opportunity to develop a web page through a simple and direct interface. Thus, you avoid the apparently most expensive figure in this process: the web programmer.

The most used web platforms for this type of development are:

  1. wix
  2. square space
  3. Weebly

The choice of one or the other will depend on the costs that best suit you and the customization capabilities of each one that interests you the most.

How much does a Wix website cost?


Como hacer una pagina web en Wix

Wix has been one of the platforms that has tried the most to demystify the need for a web programmer. Its basic promise is that you, from home and without any advanced knowledge, can create a personalized web page.

Wix plans are divided according to the final product: e-commerce website.

These are the plans for websites:

Cuanto cuesta una pagina web en Wix

These are the plans for business and e-commerce:

Cuanto cuesta una pagina web en Wix precios

Unlike web development with an agency or freelancers, the amount in Wix is ​​constant. And, as seen in the screenshots, depending on the pieces and elements that the contracting party has developed (brand identity, for example), the price may vary in the first month.

Two other plugins that influence Wix costs are App Visitor Analytics and Site Booster.

App Visitor Analytics is a Wix plugin that allows you to statistically analyze website behavior. It is a kind of Google Analytics adapted to Wix logic.

Site Booster , although advertised as a traffic generating plugin, is actually an automated system that will index your website in business directories like Yelp , Foursquare , and Factual to generate mentions . What produces relevance in Google My Business and, therefore, greater exposure of both your business and your website.

Assuming that your project is at zero and you need to hire all the services, this would be the annual budget for each plan:

  1. Websites:
        1. Basic Plan : 54 USD
        2. Personal Use Plan : 102 USD
        3. Unlimited plan : 150 USD + 60 USD (app visitor analytics) + 60 USD (site booster) = 270 USD
        4. VIP plan : 294 USD + 60 USD (app visitor analytics) + 60 USD (site booster) + 50 USD logo = 464 USD
    1. Business and e-commerce:
        1. Basic Business : 204 USD + 60 USD (app visitor analytics) + 60 USD (site booster) = 324 USD
        2. Unlimited Business : 300 USD + 60 USD (app visitor analytics) + 60 USD (site booster) + 50 USD professional logo = 470 USD
        3. Business VIP : 420 USD + 60 USD (app visitor analytics) + 60 USD (site booster) + 50 USD professional logo = 590 USD

Now, the essential questions come: is it advisable to make websites with Wix? Do portals built with Wix work well? Can I rank my website on Google if I build it with Wix? Let’s clarify each one.

Yes, you can make a website with Wix when you are an entrepreneur on a tight budget who needs to build everything from scratch easily and quickly.

You should not make a website with Wix if you are looking for detailed customization, exponential growth and total control of the portal.

Although since 2017 Google assured that Wix web pages “work well” in the search engine , the truth is that the web positioning tools offered by the platform are poor: the source code is not customizable, the loading speed is usually slow, the templates are not automatically responsive, excessive links are often created in the configuration and the AMP mode is only available for blogs.

The only non-automated aspect of Wix is ​​SEO. Despite its avant-garde and constant updating, web positioning in Google cannot be assumed by an Artificial Intelligence bot.

How much does a website cost on Squarespace?


Como hacer una pagina web en Squarespace

Squarespace is the second most important option when it comes to platforms for designing web pages. Unlike Wix, their prices can be higher. Additionally, it does not have a free trial. However, it stands out for its sophisticated design templates.

These are their general plans:

Cuanto cuesta una pagina web en Squarespace

You can see the details of each plan here .

If we totaled the costs for each plan yearly, these would be the costs:

  1. Staff: 144 USD
  2. Company: 216 USD
  3. Basic Commerce: 312 USD
  4. Advanced Commerce: 480 USD

Vastly more expensive than Wix, but with one advantage: none of its plugins to power your website will cost you more.

You can also request a custom plan by filling out this Squarespace Select form.

But, are there determining benefits that differentiate one plan from another? No. If we compare the Commerce Basic Plan to the Commerce Advanced Plan, we find that they are a nut to crack. The same applies to the Personal Plan and the Company Plan. So Squarespace’s methodology, unlike Wix, is to offer you 2 types of full websites and 2 types of incomplete websites.

The remarkable thing about Squarespace is that it promises the possibility of modifying the source code of the web page. And your bandwidth and storage, even on the cheapest plans, are unlimited.

Regarding its promise of web positioning, all actions are focused on SEO on page: meta descriptions, loading speed and information architecture. In this article updated June 2020, the Squarespace team clarifies it better. So, even if they try to do without the figure of the web developer like Wix, they can’t do it with SEO specialists.

How much does a website cost on Weebly?


Como crear una pagina web en Weebly

Weebly is the easiest option between Wix and Squarespace. Their prices are also intermediate. And its customization capacity, higher.

Like Wix, it differentiates its plans between web pages and e-commerce.

The plans for websites are:

Cuanto cuesta una pagina web en Weebly

The plans for e-commerce are:


Cuanto cuesta una pagina web en Weebly precios

You can see the specifications of each plan here .

With Weebly we return to the same great opportunity that Wix also offers: a free plan in exchange for an advertising banner of the tool.

With an annual contract, these would be your costs:

  1. For web pages:
        1. Connect Plan: 60 USD
        2. Pro plan: 144 USD
        3. Business plan: 300 USD
  2. For ecommerce:
        1. Pro plan: 144 USD
        2. Business plan: 300 USD
        3. Business Plus plan: 456 USD

Given this, who is Weebly intended for? As we already mentioned, its strength is its ease and customization capacity. Being more intuitive and open than Wix and Squarespace, it is the best alternative for those who intend to go beyond automation.

Unlike Wix and Squarespace, Webly has no plugins. And, at least up to its intermediate plans, it only allows you to receive payments through Square. But these variables are rewarded with the integration of digital marketing functionalities that transcend the website itself.

When it comes to SEO, Weebly’s promise is exactly the same as Squarespace’s: on-page SEO actions, being in control of URLs, and adding alt attributes to uploaded images.

Wix vs. Squarespace vs. Weebly: which is the best?

Now let’s compare which of the three you can use according to the type of website or e-commerce and the price.

To create a simple website (landing page or one page), Wix is ​​the cheapest option . However, for 6 USD more you can have better settings and customizations with Weebly .

To create a basic e-commerce, Weebly is the cheapest option . However, by requiring you to transact with Square on its Pro Plan, Squarespace may be the most affordable and comprehensive option.

For compatibility and configurability, Weebly is preferred over its two competitors.

When it comes to aesthetics, security and optimization of templates for web positioning, Squarespace stands out.

But for prices, variety and recognition, Wix is ​​the best option.

As always, the final choice will depend on what you need and expect from each of these tools, even if you intend to compare them with the other two forms of web development that we have discussed here: with agencies or with freelancers.

Prices of a website + SEO

An SEO website costs from 3,720 USD to 7,570 USD if you develop it with an agency.

A website built with freelancers and an SEO budget is equivalent to at least 4,240 USD.

At Wix with an SEO budget, the total for a portal ranges from 2,620 USD to 3,160 USD.

In Squarespace, added SEO budget, the cost ranges from 2,714 USD to 3,050 USD.

On Weebly with an SEO budget, the amount ranges from 2,630 USD to 3,026 USD.

These costs vary according to the countries and the type of website you need. That is why in this article we will give you a tour from the first moment you consider creating a website to the definition of the budget you will need, going through the modalities that you can choose.

When does the SEO strategy start on a web page?

We have gone a long way to explain each variable and modality of the development of a web page that influences costs. But until now we have not explained at what point an ordinary website becomes an SEO website.

As we explained here , an SEO web page is one that is built or configured so that Google (the main search engine) can find it, read it and, based on the quality of its content, position it as a portal of interest and value.

You have two options to build an SEO website: plan it from day one or add it to the tasks after you have your site ready to navigate.

In both cases, in this article there are already the considerations that you must cover to convert an ordinary website into one that allows you to climb to the top of Google: How to create an SEO web page?

It is recommended that you can define a budget only for SEO. Why? Because, although many agencies and developers include it in their budgets, web positioning is a constant task that goes beyond the adjustments in the source code of the web page .

As we explained to you in this article , the variables that you should think about before determining your SEO budget are the following:

  1. Number of website pages to optimize.
  2. Industry competitiveness.
  3. Project scope.
  4. Responsible for content creation (in-house or SEO agency).
  5. Technology and resources to use.
  6. Geographical location and years of experience of the service provider.

If we are talking about prices in particular, these are the costs that you should know:

Análisis y auditoría SEOde $400 a $1.600 en Latinoamérica. De $1.000 a $5.000 en Estados Unidos.
Mantenimiento SEOde $1.000 a $2.000 mensuales en Estados Unidos. De $100 a $400 mensuales en Europa. De $200 a $400 mensuales en Latinoamérica.
SEO on pagede $600 a $2.400 por proceso en Latinoamérica. de $1.000 a $4.000 por proceso en Estados Unidos. De $750 a $3.000 por proceso en Europa.
Texto SEO profundo$360 en Latinoamérica por producto de +1800 palabras. De $800 a $2.400 en Estados Unidos por producto de +1800 palabras.
Posicionamiento en Google (proyecto)de $1.000 a $10.000 semestrales.

Totaling these figures, your budget for SEO with a semi-annual projection should be at least 2,560 USD .

Yes: compared to the costs of the previous processes, SEO seems to be more expensive. But it is only in appearance. In this video we explain a little why investing in web positioning is the smartest thing you can do:

Studying each point, we come to the essential: the purely numerical count of the costs of an SEO web page. Go!

Project definition: What kind of website do you need?

To make a web page every minute counts and costs. That is why it is so important to know what you want and how you want it. That will define the budget you will need.

If you don’t have your idea and its scope outlined, the team you work with will have to build it. And that will take time and money.

It is as if you started remodeling your house and you were not clear about what you wanted: the master builder will work on the fly and you will have to ask him for hundreds of changes that, in the end, will only be reflected in your budget.

To create an SEO web page you must understand that your participation will be essential: just like your allies, you will have to deliver. And the first is the brief .

brief is built through a questionnaire that explains your projection and its objectives. You must ask yourself the right questions to get closer to the most forceful and clear answers.

In the next few paragraphs we will help you not only string together your ideas into a concept for web development, but also learn about the variables that could add costs to your budget to create an SEO web page.

Landing the idea: why do you need a website?

The first thing is to understand what interest arouses your need. Although it seems logical, the purposes for making an SEO web page can be many:

  1. Do you want to sell products? It applies to businesses that, regardless of their commercial profile , their sustainability depends on the exchange of products.
  2. Do you want to have a space for them to get to know your company? It applies to all types of business that do not intend to make direct transactions from their website.
  3. Do you want to generate contacts? Applies to businesses that, regardless of their profile or services, intend to generate contacts from their website.
  4. Do you want to add a channel to your digital marketing strategy? It applies to all types of companies that have already started an incipient appearance in the digital ecosystem .
  5. Do you want to show your work to convince your clients? It applies to digital marketing agencies, SEO agencies, creative agencies and traditional advertising agencies.

What do these questions point to? Based on each answer, you will know what type of web page you should develop. And why is it important to know? Because the budget varies depending on the portal you want to build:

  1. To sell products : you need an e-commerce .
  2. To present your business : you need a one page .
  3. To generate contacts : you need a landing page .
  4. To add a channel to your digital strategy : you need a website .
  5. To show your work : you need a portfolio .

Now, one thing is to understand the purpose of the web page and another thing is what we expect from it beyond its usefulness.

Let’s go to the second part of our quiz.

Results: how will you measure the impact of your website?

  1. Do you want to generate more sales?
  2. Do you want more people to find you?
  3. Do you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors?
  4. Do you want to innovate in your sector?
  5. Do you want to offer part of your services from your website?

As you can read, not all the results are quantitative or focused only on sales. Why? We have already said it : because the most useful marketing and the one that generates the most profitability is the one that attracts and creates value in its interested parties.

For an SEO website to be an investment with a return, it must be part of an inbound marketing strategy that is broader than itself.

A web page that converts and is positioned in Google is the one that communicates much more than the values ​​of your company.

So, having understood this point and answered these questions, you already have the essentials: why do you want a web page, what type of website corresponds to your idea and what is the impact you expect from that portal.

Now, another variable that you need to determine is what you have developed and what you still have to develop .

Let’s define it.

What you have and what is missing: what do you need to develop in addition to your website?

A website is not just made up of code and styling in a template. Before starting a web development process you must have your brand identity ready .

What is a brand identity? They are the pieces, colors, fonts and graphic values ​​that individualize your brand. The most important piece of identity is the logo, followed by the color palette and its combination.

Why is it decisive in the creation of a web page? Because without an established brand identity you will not be able to personalize your future website.

When we talk about customization we refer to the application of colors, to know if your banners will be graphic compositions or montages, if you will have a brand reel or infographics, if you will use icons or illustrations, or if your backgrounds will be solid colors or real images of your team or company.

If you do not have any of this, it will be inevitable that you include in your budget the hiring of a designer.

In addition to this, what other elements are at your expense and are not included in a web development quote?

  1. Domain : the price varies depending on the name you choose, but here you can find out . Also, you should consider certain important aspects before choosing the right domain .
  2. Hosting : the price varies depending on the platform where you make the contract, but here you can have an idea .
  3. TLS certificate : like the previous ones, the price corresponds to the contracting platform; these are the most important at GoDaddy .
  4. WordPress theme (if applicable) : here we leave you a list with the best .

Variants covered, we have almost ready our brief for web development.

Now let’s move on to another extremely important section: your references.

References: do you have examples of SEO web pages that you want to follow?

There are web development projects like wine: the more they are allowed to mature, the better the experience will be.

If you are someone who has been building a library of examples for months that you want to target, good for you! If not, it’s time to start browsing and finding them.

You must accept that not all of us can understand an idea by reading it. For many it is important to visualize what you are conceptualizing.

A reference is not an example to trace. Quite the contrary: it is a starting point that indicates how you want your website to work or look.

How to organize it? Simple: make screenshots of the sections that you like the most of those examples. And, if you can, explain what you appreciate most about the example and what you would like to adapt in your future web page based on it.

Well. Finally you have your brief with the most essential aspects. Now, who will you share it with?

That’s what the next section is about, which will explain the different types of web development equipment and how much each one costs.

How much does an SEO website cost? Final costs according to modalities

Adding the minimum amount you need as an SEO budget, this is what an SEO website costs according to its modalities:

Agencia + presupuesto SEOde $3.720 a $7.570
Freelancers + presupuesto SEOdesde $4.240
Wix + presupuesto SEOde $2.620 a $3.160
Squarespace + presupuesto SEOde $2.714 a $3.050
Weebly + presupuesto SEOde $2.630 a $3.026

We remind you that these amounts may vary depending on the additional parts or processes that you must develop and that depend on work hours.

Conclusion: is it better to make a website with an agency, with freelancers or with automated applications?

The comfortable answer is the same as always: it depends on what you need and what you project.

But the realistic answer is this: if you’re planning to build or sustain your business for the future, you can’t skimp on the essentials for that projection. 

Building a website is not a requirement, but an opportunity. Capitalizing on it is a goal, not a fluke. So it is not just about knowing how much an SEO website costs, but what you will produce from it.

The investment you will make today for an SEO website can be tripled in its return tomorrow. But it will always depend on the seriousness and professionalism with which you take it on.

In this sense, we recommend you establish a budget to develop a website with qualified professionals who can ensure results.

If you don’t have the money yet, set up a plan to get to it. But remember: with automation and savings you will only know the tip of the iceberg in digital business.

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