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SEO Maintenance: Price, what it is and what it includes

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What is it and what is the price of SEO Maintenance?
In essence, it is to monitor and supervise how the efforts made in the previous phases of an SEO project are going.

In other words, this stage monitors the performance of what was done in SEO On Page and Content Marketing.

Each hour of SEO Maintenance costs, on average, 15% less than the hours of optimization prior to it.

All projects, regardless of their nature, must go through three fundamental stages: planning, execution and supervision.

When it comes to bringing brands and companies to the first page of Google, the study and planning are addressed in SEO Analysis .

The execution, in SEO On Page and Content Marketing .

While supervision, on the other hand, is an issue to be dealt with in the SEO Maintenance phase.

In this article you will find what this service contemplates and how much it costs.

If you wish, you can jump to the conclusions to read the most important insights of the text.

SEO maintenance price: per hour and per month

SEO positioning projects consist of progressive work that does not stop at doing something specific for a single month.

Therefore, many times its maintenance becomes something simultaneous to its development.

As more content is produced, earlier content is monitored.

It is a parallel and continuous process.

For this reason, it is difficult to determine how much the maintenance service costs if we do not take into account the rest of an SEO project.

However, considering what we discussed in one of our previous articles and after researching online about comprehensive web maintenance prices, we have come to the following conclusion:

Mantenimiento SEO: Costo por hora
RegiónPromedio en $
Estados Unidos50 - 75
Europa35 - 50

In other words: SEO maintenance hours are, on average, 15 % less expensive than full hours.

The proportion is maintained if we evaluate the prices per month:

Mantenimiento SEO: Tarifas mensuales
RegiónPrecio promedio en $
Estados Unidos1200 - 2400
Europa150 - 500
Latinoamérica250 - 500

Now, what is it and what does this service contemplate? Let’s see:

What is SEO Maintenance?

In essence, it is to monitor how the efforts made in the initial phases of an SEO project are going.

In other words, this stage monitors the performance of what was done in SEO On Page and Content Marketing.

Its objective is to maximize the results of SEO efforts and ensure that they do not lose validity or effectiveness.

SEO Maintenance consists of adjustments, changes and suggestions supported by the statistics obtained thanks to the previous stages of the SEO project.

What does SEO Maintenance include?

  • Analytics study of the site pages that have been modified.
  • Website packaging optimization.
  • Recommendations of banners, buttons, sections or new pages that align with the objectives of the company.
  • Suggestions to improve the user experience.
  • Recommendations to get more traffic with the articles of the company.
  • Preparation of a report that summarizes this information.
¿Qué incluye el Mantenimiento SEO?
What does SEO Maintenance include?

Study of the analytics of the site pages that have been modified

It is true that a previous analysis justifies all the changes that are made to a website, as well as the choice of topics to cover in Content Marketing.

However, this is not enough to guarantee the success of web optimization.

Closely tracking the before and after of the changes is necessary to know if the decisions made are giving the expected results:

Éxito de estrategia SEO: comparción de meses sin SEO y meses con SEO
SEO strategy success: comparison of months without SEO and months with SEO

Whether they are modified or completely new pages, it is vital to do this review for each of them.

In this way, it can be determined if the strategy needs to be changed or, if not, reinforced.

Website Packaging Optimization

It is not enough to make changes to the titles and descriptions of a website only once .

On the Internet, trends change very quickly.

Behavior of the query “sports shoes” in the last 90 days.

Therefore, perhaps what worked in one quarter should be changed in the next to maintain the position achieved.

With Google Trends you can see the behavior of any query on the Internet over time in different countries or regions.

It will be part of the SEO maintenance to find out if there are keywords that deserve to be changed.

If yes, you will also find the keyword options to replace the old ones.

Recommendations of banners, buttons or new pages that align with the objectives of the company

Websites are created with multiple intentions: to share information, make a brand known, sell a product, offer a service, among many others.

SEO Maintenance must know these objectives to take them into account in the adjustments it recommends:

Are you a company that wants to sell a product? Are you an NGO that wants to get funding? Is it a brand that should concentrate on carrying out a market study?

This will funnel users into the site with a number of new items:

  • new pages.
  • Articles.
  • Banners.
  • headbands
  • Buttons.

The idea is to implement these elements in such a strategic way that they are not intrusive in the user experience .

Keeping the person who visits the web happy should always be the #1 priority.

Suggestions to improve the user experience

It is of little use to have a page optimized for search engines that is not friendly to people.

The SEO Maintenance service includes suggestions and solutions on factors that affect the user experience.

This can be resolved by the client’s web development team, if they have one, or they can outsource that service by finding a company specialized in the field.

The most important factors are:

1.- The presentation of the contents, determined by the general layout of the pages.

It will answer questions such as: Do the colors allow the reading of the contents? Is the screen overloaded? Is the font legible? Is line spacing enough?

2.- The loading speed. No one wants or is willing to wait on the Internet.

Your main question is: Do the pages load fast enough?

Recommendations to get more traffic with the articles of the company

The CTR (Click Through Rate) is one of the main indicators to determine how well a web page is doing on the Internet.

SEO Maintenance is also responsible for improving this number.

How is it achieved?

With Google Search Console.

This tool allows you to know with what words your content is being obtained in Google.

For example, maybe you have a video titled “Best Songs of 2023” that is actually showing up (and ranking) for the “Hits of 2023” query.

With this knowledge in your favor, you can modify the keywords so that there is no doubt that your content hits the mark with the needs of the users.

Remember: if what you write has the terms used by those interested in the subject, you will “match” them and improve your positioning on the Internet.


Everything we have mentioned so far must be delivered in an organized and easy to digest way to the company that hired the service.

For that, a report is made, usually monthly, that summarizes how the SEO performance was during the last 31 days.

Trust is vital between the agency and the client. Hence, transparency with the status of the project is essential throughout its implementation.

This will let the company know where their money is going and if you want to continue to have SEO services.

Why is it necessary to do SEO Maintenance on websites?

1.- Search engines want to position information fresh from the oven.

For example, in the technology industry there are constant advances. That your articles are always up to date and offer current information will be key to being the first in Google.

Even if the topic you write about doesn’t constantly change, you can stay ahead of your competition if you’re the only one trying to keep up with every new market consideration.

2.- Internet trends are not static.

As we have already explained, the behavior of users on the Internet may change depending on the time of year or global trends (for example, the Olympics and epidemics).

Comportamiento de búsquedas relacionadas con Bad Bunny del 25/02/20 al 03/03/20.
Behavior of searches related to Bad Bunny from 02/25/20 to 03/03/20.

The graph shows how four different queries related to the singer Bad Bunny were triggered on February 28, 2020, when he announced that the following day he would release his album YHLQMDLG .

Keeping track of trends in your industry will go a long way in giving users relevant and up-to-date information .

3.- SEO Maintenance makes it possible for you to get much more potential out of your content.


Because an article with good content that was published in 2018 and left until then will not behave in the same way as one published on the same date that, in addition to good content:

-Updated with 2020 statistics,

-The titles and descriptions were improved in 2021,

-And it was complemented with a video recorded in 2023.

Do you need help with the SEO maintenance of your website? Contact us .


The maintenance of an SEO project is normally done in parallel with the other services (SEO On Page and Content Marketing).

In general, it contemplates the measurement of efforts made during an SEO project to optimize the website more and more.

In addition, it includes a detailed report to record what has been done and what remains to be done.

It is necessary to underline that isolating it from the rest of the procedure to calculate its cost is complicated, due to how dependent it is on the previous stages.

Even so, we can affirm that its price depends on the region, it is charged by the hour or monthly rate, and it is on average 15% cheaper than the full SEO service.

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