desventajas y ventajas del SEO

Pros and cons of SEO in 2023

Te dejamos una lista de desventajas y ventajas del SEO, aclararemos ciertos mitos y te mostraremos que nada es tan malo como parece.

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What are the pros of SEO?

  • Generate visits.
  • Increase the visibility of your brand.
  • Close sales.
  • It makes you a leader in the market.
  • Provide valuable content
  • Attract potential clients
  • Avoid disturbing users who are not interested in your company.
  • Generates a high return on investment.
  • It lasts in time.

What are the cons of SEO?

  • It takes time.
  • Your competition is the rest of the Internet .
  • Results are not guaranteed .
  • It requires constant maintenance.
  • It does not give profit at the beginning.
  • The cost of services is high (less offer of specialists).
  • Generates penalties if done wrong.


Pros and cons of SEO
Pros and cons of SEO

Pros of SEO

The main benefit of SEO is the visibility you will achieve in Google .

Not only will you have more exposure, but you’ll be in front of people interested in what you do right when they’re looking for you.

Other advantages are:

1. You will generate more visits to your website

On average, there are 40,000 searches on Google every second. That is to say: 3.5 billion daily queries.

Therefore, ranking on the first page for a search can earn you millions of views.

2. You will increase the visibility of your brand

With SEO practices you will build a community that tomorrow will give you ‘free publicity’ by sharing everything you do with your acquaintances.

3. You will close more sales

If you are a reference in your area , it is much more likely that you will make a sale , since you have the trust and support of an entire industry.

4. You will become a market leader

The better positions you occupy in the Google results page, the closer you will be to dominating the market through the Internet.

5. You will provide valuable content

One of the advantages of SEO is that you can know exactly what people are looking for.

For this reason, you will then be able to offer a tailor-made piece: an article that answers all the concerns of users on a topic related to your industry. This way you will create the best possible text that will provide the potential consumer with a solution to their problems.

5. You will attract potential clients

With SEO you draw the attention of potential buyers because your content is important to them.

Remember: you will help them solve a problem or answer a question.

6. You will avoid disturbing others

Thanks to SEO, you can give people what they want, the moment they are asking for it.

Unlike advertising , where you interrupt users with your ads and messages, SEO is about gaining the user’s attention instead of buying it.

This strategy considers that the only way to get people’s respect and admiration is by offering them valuable content without expecting to close a sale overnight.

7. You will generate a high return on investment

On the Internet it is much more profitable to bet on SEO and to rank with valuable articles than to pay for Google to advertise you .

8. You will last in time

The more profit you reap from your content marketing efforts , the less time and money you will have to invest.

The content you write today will help you sell tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after the day after tomorrow.

Cons of SEO

As we already mentioned, equipping your website with SEO best practices will be very beneficial for your brand.

However, there are certain disadvantages when doing SEO that you should consider:

1. SEO takes time

That SEO takes a long time is one of the main ‘buts’ that executives have before investing in web positioning

How long does it take to appear on the first page of Google? The definitive answer is: it depends.

What does it depend on? Of many factors . Some of the most important to consider are:

  • How big is your website.
  • How new is your domain.
  • How recent and fresh your content is
  • What keywords are you using to rank

Thanks to our experience we have verified that, with good SEO knowledge , you could see positive results in weeks .

One of the most recognized companies in this area, Ahrefs , ensures that reaching the first page of Google can take, on average, between 2 and 6 months.

Recommendation: be patient and seek advice from experts who will help you find the most effective ways to position your business in the world of SEO.

One of the first and most important steps is for you to do an in-depth keyword analysis. That is to say: that you find out the terms that your potential clients are using when they search for things related to: a) Your industry; b) The products or services that you and your competitors sell and C) The average consumer’s frequently asked questions.

2. By doing SEO you compete against the rest of the Internet

The competition in the online world is greater than you imagine.

On the Internet, thousands of websites create content about your same product or service and you must define how you will differentiate yourself from them.

For example:

Let’s suppose that your business is a supermarket and that on the same street where you are there is another establishment similar to yours.

In that context, the way to do a better job than your competition would be to research their store: what they sell, what their prices are, what the atmosphere is like in the store, among other things.

In the online world the situation is similar. The difference is that you not only compete with the establishment that is on the same street, but with all the businesses that are positioned on Google.

It seems obvious, but on the Internet you will not know who your rival is until you investigate all the results that the search engine returns when you make a query related to your industry.

Assessing the competition correctly will give you an idea of ​​how many (and which) websites you need to beat to claim the top spots on Google.

Recommendation: avoid positioning yourself for very general keywords . For example: “supermarket”.

You must be very specific in the use of keywords, in order to improve your position in Google. Use queries as detailed as “Wholesale supermarkets in Madrid”. 

If you have a directory of job opportunities, for example, it will be much easier to rank with the keyword “ portal to get a job in Mexico ” than with “jobs in Mexico”.

3. In SEO, results are not guaranteed

It is impossible to predict the results of an SEO project .

The main reason is that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, as are trends and search volumes for each query.

In addition, performance will be affected by what the competition does or does not do.

Therefore, when doing search engine positioning, it is irresponsible to ensure things like:

  • “We will increase traffic 70%”.
  • “We will attract 7,000 visitors a month.”
  •  “We will sell 150 products every week.”

Recommendation: pay attention to the main SEO metrics throughout the project. After all, they are the ones that will guide you to know what is working and what is not.

4. SEO requires constant vigilance

SEO requires permanent review so as not to lose the progress made.

In the SEO Maintenance stage, it is convenient to review what was done during the SEO On Page and Content Marketing and propose adjustments. 

Recommendation: Periodically do maintenance to the SEO of your website in which you refresh both titles and descriptions as well as the user experience.

Remember that the objective of this point is to maximize the results of the SEO strategy and guarantee that it does not lose validity or effectiveness.

5. SEO is not profitable at the beginning

At first you will invest a lot of money and you will not see the return. That is, you will make an effort without receiving greater gain.

Also keep in mind that visits are not sales: not all the people who come to your website will buy from you.

If you cannot afford the advice of an expert for your SEO project, study the subject and experiment with your website.

Recommendation: trust the SEO and be patient. If you dare to optimize your site, follow the steps in this checklist .

6. SEO requires more investment than other areas of marketing (at the beginning)

One of the downsides of SEO is that it is a lesser known area of ​​marketing than social media or advertising .

Being a subject in which most agencies do not specialize, SEO services tend to have high costs at the first change .

Recommendation: carefully investigate the offer of the agency market and try to choose one specialized in the area.

7. Black hat practices will make Google penalize you

There are certain aggressive SEO practices that manipulate the search engine to benefit from great results in a short time.

These “tricks” or the better called black hat SEO is what Google penalizes with falling positions in the ranking or the removal of the website from the search engine results.

Trying false practices like gaining inorganic traffic or using too many keywords will not bring you any positive results.

On the contrary, you must understand the way this robot works. This will allow you to please him and will position you on his first page.

Recommendation: hire a team specialized in SEO with success stories that assures you that they will do an honest and quality job on your website.


Web positioning projects can be successful from various points of view, but the main benefit is to appear just when your potential clients are looking for you .

However, the number of your visits, your customers and even your sales will not increase from one day to the next : parallel and constant efforts are required, as well as patience and time, to see that SEO is having an effect.

Remember that web positioning, as part of attraction marketing ( inboud marketing ), intends that your brand is not the one that approaches the possible consumer, but that the consumer is the one who approaches you.

Becoming a magnet for potential consumers is the most profitable sales strategy in the long run and that is why our recommendation is to have the necessary mettle to conquer the first page of Google.

Do you want us to help you achieve it? Contact us .

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