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Buy SEO texts: How much are they worth? Price per item

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Buying deep SEO texts (+1800 words) that position your website on the first page of Google can cost, in Latin America, 360 USD . In the United States, on the other hand, the price ranges from 800 USD to 2,400 USD.

However, on some platforms you can find prices ranging from 6 USD for 500 words to 99 USD for 10,000 words .

When buying texts for the web, everything will depend on the geographical location of the SEO agency or freelancer and how much reputation they have in the industry.

If you want to buy SEO texts, you can contact us .

Content writing rates (texts) SEO

The word, in the SEO world, is quoted from 0.015 USD to more than 5 USD.

In SEO projects, article production usually begins at the content marketing stage .

From this phase, agencies usually charge a monthly fee, the amount of which will depend on the number of SEO texts that are written.

If we take as a reference that in content marketing for SEO between 3 and 5 pieces are normally done per month, these are the average prices per region:

Precios SEO Orgánico por tarifas mensuales
Norteamérica (EE.UU)$2400 - $12000
Latinoamérica$1080 - $1800


Marketing studies throughout the world show the opposite: it is a profitable and super economical investment.


We have explained it in previous videos and articles:

SEO texts will work for you at all times and at all times.

They don’t get sick, they don’t ask for days off, they don’t come to the office late, and they don’t change their mood.

Basically, they are public relations professionals prepared 24/7 to serve a potential client in the best way.

As Rebecca Matter, president of American Writers & Artists Inc (AWAI), explains, after an SEO agency has written an article for you, you’ll be able to generate qualified leads and close sales for years .

All thanks to that content being located in the most coveted place on the Internet: the first page of Google .

Do you know how many times you had to pay for that?

Just one time.

For this reason, those of us who enter this industry must adopt, accept and assimilate the mentality of investment and not spending .

SEO and content marketing are a long-term game: the goal is to dominate your market for decades, not go viral with an Instagram post for a few hours .

Where to buy SEO texts? Best agencies

Throughout this article you will learn about different methodologies used by agencies to offer this type of service.

In addition, we will detail, with examples and cases, how many hours it takes to create content that positions your website in Google.

Do not forget that all the SEO texts to be produced are subject to a price per SEO hour , which varies depending on the geographical location and the years of experience of the company or the freelancer .

If you want to know which are the best agencies to buy SEO texts, you can click on the following links:

When you go to ask for quotes, remember that the deliverables in an SEO content campaign, in addition to the articles, are:

-Publication plan.

-Performance monitoring + adjustments.

-Monthly results report.

About buying SEO texts and working hours

Working hours are a standard that is used worldwide in almost all industries to monetarily value the work of a particular company or person.

However, this does not mean that all agencies work with a stopwatch at their side to measure exactly how long each task takes.

The people who are part of a company have a preparation behind years and months that, probably, is worth much more than any price that the market places.

It is that preparation, study and experience that allows experts to make the right decisions and do quality work.

For example: 

If we go to a doctor for a discomfort that has been affecting us for months and he manages to identify exactly what we have in the first 10 minutes of consultation, how does this make us feel?

Happy, right?

At the end of the day, we will already know what to do or what medicine to take to cure ourselves.

If that query costs, say, 300 USD,  are we paying you for the 10 minutes or for your insights that helped pinpoint the problem quickly?

Does this mean that the doctor’s hour of work would be priced at 1,800 USD?

Probably not, but we are sure that the preparation and experience of a specialist can cost much more than that.

The same thing happens in other industries that exist worldwide.

Clarified this point, we are going to detail the first of the products to be delivered in each SEO content campaign.

How much does a content plan cost and what is it for?

To create a content plan requires, on average, about 12 hours of work .

Therefore, these would be the prices per region:

Precios content plan - Tarifas por región
Norteamérica (EE.UU)$1200 - $1800
Europa$900 - $1200

The content plan ( content plan ) is the roadmap that will tell us what SEO texts to create, according to the goals we are pursuing.

What is it for? Why is it so necessary?

The answers to those two questions are in the article we referenced above: Content Marketing for Organic Positioning (SEO) .

Now, what does this plan include?

-The core message (essential message) of your business.

-The objectives of the company.

-An overall marketing strategy.

-The analysis of your competition.

-Ideas about relevant content for your customers.

-Editorial calendar.

-The answers to all the questions that your potential consumers have or will have.

In this video you can go a little deeper on each point:

Next, we also leave you a template in case you want to create your own content plan: 

It should be noted that, in the end, the agency must prepare this roadmap hand in hand with the client.

It is he who must provide the corresponding information to, together with the SEO provider, design the map to follow.

Remember that no one knows a business better than its owner: he knows what his users’ concerns are and also knows the best way to respond to them.


1.- Set aside one or two days to create the content plan together with your agency. In this way, both parties will be on the same page and have a clear strategy.

2.- Strengthen your brand: to create the content plan , you need to know who you are and where you want to go. If you have no idea what your core message is , your objectives and your vision as a company, it means that your brand is not clear and that your business is probably not well defined.

3.- Do not underestimate this roadmap. All successful marketing strategies have been thought out: they were not random arrows shot into the sky.

Methodology to position SEO texts on the web

On average, writing an SEO text takes about 6 hours , which includes the following stages:






Backed by data , at Pencil Speech we prioritize quality over quantity.

Therefore, I will explain the importance of writing deep SEO text, before showing you how we do it.

If you want to skip this part and go straight to the process an agency uses to write an SEO copy, click here .

Case study: 

At Pencil we started a content campaign in January 2019 and to date, June 2021, we have published around 30 articles.

Could we write more?


Of many topics that we have already explored, we could have gotten 2 or 3 small pieces, but that would not have brought us visits or high rankings in Google.

Instead, we decided to make deep SEO copy that could rank for various industry keywords.

Pro Tip :

Thanks to the Table of Content Plus plugin , you will achieve that your texts are located on the first page of Google for many terms. Why? Because this tool will make each subtitle of your pieces become, in the eyes of search engines, a mini-article. (You can find a longer and more detailed explanation of this here ).

Due to the way the Google algorithm works, we are sure that we would not have achieved the results we have so far if we did not dedicate all the time and effort necessary to each of our pieces.

Time and effort are two of the variables that Google takes into account when positioning an article. The more attention you pay to these two factors, the better off you will be. At Pencil we made a guide on how to write perfect SEO content so that it ranks in Google? You can read it, or save it, by clicking on the link.

Now, what numbers did we get with the content campaign mentioned above?

Better to write a few high-quality articles than many low-quality articles (Case Study 2020)

From January 18, 2019 (date of publication of the first text) to March 25, 2020, we had 1,407,580 impressions on Google and 13,321 clicks to our website.

Estadísticas de Pencil Speech (Search Console)
Pencil Speech Statistics (Search Console)

What do these numbers mean?

That in more than a million occasions different users around the world found our site and in more than 13,000 opportunities one of those people entered our portal.

It is as if we had delivered a million pamphlets to consumers interested in SEO and with that we had managed to get more than 13,000 potential customers to enter our store.

In addition to this, we receive qualified leads from: Spain, Canada, Panama, United States, Guatemala, Argentina and Venezuela.

Which means that of those 13,000 people who entered our store, several asked for prices.

Now imagine the numbers you could have in your industry.

How many people would you reach?

How many users do you need to buy your product or service for you to be financially free?

Only in the month of April 2019, our article How much does it cost to position a website in Google? it had 7,600 impressions and 75 clicks.

Estadísticas cuánto cuesta mes de abril
Article Statistics How much does it cost to position the web in Google? (April 2019)

Update :

For June 2021, the article How much does it cost to position a website in Google? It has already generated, since its publication (January 18, 2019), +900,000 impressions and +20,000 clicks .

Process: How do you write an SEO text?

Costo posicionamiento orgánico - Artículos SEO
Process of creating an SEO article (+1800 words)

At Pencil we use two modalities to build a client’s SEO texts.

Modality #1: Pencil Speech handles all content creation

In this category is that the 6 hours per article fall.


Because we must go through the entire creative process to deliver a quality text.

What does that process consist of?

Step One: Research

Once we know the topic to develop, we must find out everything related to it.

To do this, we will have to:

1.- Interview the subject-matter expert : sit down with the client, extract all the information necessary to write the article, obtain figures, evaluate case studies, learn about examples and understand the company’s procedures (1 SEO hour) .

2.- Gather reliable sources : group the most authoritative voices in the industry so that they validate and give credibility to everything we are going to write (1 SEO hour) .

Google attaches great importance to this point.

It is not the same for a company that is starting to affirm something without anyone validating it, as for that same company to rely on a brand that has been in the industry for 35 years.

We must rely on other experts to give credibility and authority to our text .

Second step: Planning

After we have all the information ( background ), we must organize it and create an outline of the points that the article will touch (1 SEO hour) .

What should be the introduction? How many edges will the text address? Will you have conclusions or recommendations?

As soon as all the above questions are answered, we can move forward.

Third step: Writing

After spending about 2-3 hours working, we started to write.

In this section, we transform the information that we have collected and organized into a text that is pleasant for users and for Google (1-2 SEO hours) .

The idea is not to confuse people with technical terms that do not help them solve their problems.

Therefore, it is advisable to write in the simplest and most friendly way possible.

In this way, Google will position the client for years with an article that will only need to be updated very occasionally.

In this step, we take advantage of and place all the links, images and infographics that the text requires.

Remember that presenting content in a unique way is paramount.

Fourth step: Edition and publication

Here begins the carpentry work.

The editor must correct all spelling issues and adapt to the company’s style (1-2 SEO hours) .

In addition you have to make sure that all links work and correct possible errors.

When the article is ready to publish, with the Yoast SEO plugin the editor will do the following:

-Write the title tag.

-Create the meta description.

-Edit the slug (the final part of the URL).

Once verified that everything is ready, the content is published .

Modality #2: the client creates the article with the recommendations of the agency and Pencil Speech edits, optimizes and publishes

With this option, the client saves half the hours (3 instead of 6).

In this way, the company that contracts the SEO services undertakes to deliver the texts, according to the times of the editorial calendar, so that they can be edited and adapted for the web:

-As we have commented previously, the majority of Internet users do not read, but rather scan.

-We cannot use long paragraphs and we must answer important questions as soon as possible.

In conclusion, only the fourth step of the previous modality would be carried out .

Here is an article explaining how it can take up to 8 hours to write a piece of 2000 or more words:

Precios de artículos SEO en Latinoamérica

Conclusion: cheap is expensive

Kari DePhillips, owner of The Content Factory , explains how much it costs to write professionally for the web world .

In his text he tells a very interesting anecdote about when he investigated the amount that professional writers in the United States charged for writing the content of a landing page .

The range he was able to determine was between 1,000 USD and 25,000 USD per page.

The interesting thing, however, came when one person said that he charged 100 USD to do the same job.

Many colleagues were upset and replied with data that reinforced why it was wrong to quote so low.

One of the most striking examples was the following:

Costo posicionamiento orgánico - artículos SEO

In the end, you can probably get “good SEO texts” at much lower prices than what we talk about here.

Remember, however, that what you pay is what you will receive.

You can’t expect to dominate Google with unprofessional, credible work.

These articles may turn out to be the most important investment you make in your digital marketing efforts.

Think about it and make the best decision.

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