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SEO and Google Analytics: Explain the reason for your fees

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SEO and Google Analytics: how to measure efforts, improve positioning and show results?
With Google Analytics, one of the main tools to obtain SEO metrics , you will find out:

  • Traffic Acquisition – Where most visitors come from (Google, social media, mail, or direct).
  • User Behavior – The journey people take after landing on your website through Google.
  • Conversions – Is SEO Driving Sales?

In SEO projects, your clients will want to know how their SEO efforts have performed compared to other marketing activities:

  • How much traffic have the written articles generated?
  • How many purchases have occurred after a visitor came from Google?
  • How many users have landed on the portal from social networks and how many come from search engines?

When investing, business owners and managers will have an eye on the return on investment of SEO .

Therefore, your task will be to show that what you are doing is worthwhile.

SEO and Google Analytics: Guide + Examples

“How to make a Google Analytics report?” You may have asked yourself.

Among all the SEO metrics that the tool could provide, what should you pay attention to?

To measure SEO efforts, you will need to focus on the following criteria .

traffic acquisition

“ Web page or social networks ?”, is a query that business owners usually ask.

In Acquisition All traffic Channels , you will know what is the percentage of visitors from each of the channels.

The example below shows the website of one of our clients.

métricas de google analytics: canales de tráfico

During the last three months (January-March 2021), 54.95% of the traffic has come from search engines.

If we review the same data in the previous year, we will realize that the portal obtained only 13.57% organically (from Google).

métricas de google analytics y seo

If you are the company that has done SEO in the last year, you will have solid data to show the revenue of your work.

User behavior

“Is traffic generating sales for us?”, will be another of the questions that your clients will ask you.

Under Behavior > Behavior Flow , you’ll see how users move around the website.

Which page do they land on and which one do they end up on before exiting?

Flujo de comportamiento Google Analytics

If the main landing pages are SEO content that you have produced, you will have another great argument to prove to business owners the worth of your service.

If you want more specific data regarding landing pages , you can see it in Site content :

landing pages google analytics


With this wing of Google Analytics you can expand your answer to the previous question.

The tool allows you to create funnels and specific goals so that you can show your customers that a user reached A from Google, then went through B and ended up buying from C.

How to configure this function?

In the menu on the left, click Manage .

Administrar en Google Analytics

The Account , Ownership , and View columns will appear .

In Vista , click the Objectives button .

Objetivos en Google Analytics

Then, choose the New Target function .

Under Target Settings you will have several options.

What are you looking to measure?

  • Income?
  • Acquisition?
  • Consultation?
  • Interaction?

If you want to know if someone created an account on your portal to request advice —as is the case with this Penciliano client—, choose the Acquisition option .

Configuración del objetivo - Google Analytics

Once you choose the desired option, in Objective description you must add a name and determine what you will measure:

  • Destination (Example:
  • Duration (Example: 5 minutes on the page).
  • Pages/screens per session (Example: visits to sections A, B and C).
  • Event: (Example: playing video Y).

In Objective information you will indicate the corresponding specifications: what is the destination, the duration, the number of pages or the event?

In this case, we will work with Target .

What is the URL you want users to land on?

Select it and paste it into the corresponding field.

Información del objetivo - Google Analytics

There you could add a monetary value (for example: each request is equivalent to 5 USD) and/or activate the conversion funnel: what is the journey that people take once they enter the website from the search engine?

Once you enter the data, Google Analytics will tell you what the conversion rate of that goal is based on the information from the last 7 days.

In Conversions , within the main dashboard , you can click on Objectives , then on General view and there you will be able to see the evolution.

Vista general de objetivos Google Analytics

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