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SEO price audit: How much does it cost for a website?

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SEO audit price: How much does it cost to hire it?
In Latin America, a specialized agency can charge an SEO audit between 400 USD and 1,600 USD.

While companies from Europe and the United States quote from 750 USD to 5,000 USD for this same service.

The cost of an SEO audit is associated with the geographical location of the service provider , not where the person interested in acquiring it is.

Ubicación geográficaPrecio
Latinoamérica$400 - $1,600
Europa$750 - $5,000
Estados Unidos$1,000 - $5,000

These are average prices: there are agencies in Latin America that charge more than companies established in the United States.

The simplest audits take between 10 and 15 hours, while the most complicated ones take between 35 and 50.

The SEO costs per hour , in each region, are as follows:

Posicionamiento web precios SEO

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What is an SEO audit?

As we mentioned in our article dedicated to the subject , an SEO audit is a diagnosis of a website.

In it, the following aspects are evaluated:

1.- Tracking:  How much information about your company is there on the Internet?

2.- Traffic : How are the visits that the main pages of your site receive from Google distributed?

3.- Keywords : With what phrases does your company want to position itself? What are the most searched terms in your industry (products, services, questions)? With what words do they find your website?

4.- Traffic + Keywords : What is the performance of the keywords that the company wants to conquer according to the traffic that your website already receives?

5.- Packaging:  How does Google read the titles and descriptions of your pages?

6.- Speed: How fast is your site in the desktop and mobile versions?

7.- Competition : With what terms does Google associate your competition What is the domain authority of your rivals? How is the traffic that reaches your websites distributed?

You can read the full article by clicking here: How to perform an SEO Analysis in 7 steps?

How much does an SEO audit cost?

If you are looking for information on the cost of an SEO Analysis , it is because you understand the importance of this step before starting any web positioning campaign or project.

An SEO Analysis is necessary because before prescribing treatment to any patient, a diagnosis must first be made .

The price of this process will vary depending on the procedures or tests that the patient requires.

Some variables that influence the cost of an SEO audit are:

  • Site size.
  • Technology with which the web is made.
  • Current status of the portal.

It is not the same to dissect a 50-page corporate website in WordPress , than to study an HTML e-commerce site that is responsible for the entire financial health of a company.

In this article we will explain how the aforementioned variables affect the cost of an SEO audit and we will make some recommendations when hiring a provider for a job of this nature.

Before starting, do not forget that all these factors are subject to an SEO hourly price , which fluctuates depending on the geographical location and the years of experience of the agency or freelancer who makes the quote.

Variables that influence the cost of an SEO audit

Size of the website to analyze

This point may seem the most obvious, but we must make it clear.

The more pages your website has, the more hours of work the provider will have and, therefore, the more expensive the SEO analysis will be.

Now, since we are sure that this is not the only article you have read about the cost of an audit, you are probably wondering:

“Does the SEO agency have to analyze these pages one by one? Aren’t there tools that allow you to study all the sections of a website at the same time?

Well yes, they do exist.

It is precisely in this way that we carry out the audits (thanks to tools such as Screaming Frog or Google Search Console ).

However, the work of SEO Analysis is not based on passing a website through a scanner and delivering the raw results to the client.

The data obtained must be broken down and contextualized, in order to then make recommendations and explanations such as:

  • Steps to follow in the following phases of the project ( SEO On Page and Content Marketing ).
  • Ways to improve the pages that have the most problems or errors.
  • Indications to optimize the visibility in Google of the articles of the company.
  • Description of how they are getting the company through search engines.
  • Tips to improve website loading speed.

In the end, it is not a whim of the agency to take more hours of work.

With more pages to analyze, there will be more information to study and more suggestions to make.

Current status of the client’s website

In this variable there are several scenarios. Some of them could be:

1) The client does not have a website.

2) The client has just launched their website.

3) The client has had a website for more than 10 years and has made restructurings and changes throughout that time.

The SEO Analysis contemplates the same procedures for the three scenarios, but, depending on the case, some steps will take more hours of work than others.

This will ultimately increase or decrease the cost of the audit.

Let us evaluate, then, the different situations in which a company may find itself when requesting this service:

Scenario one: The client does not have a website

Yes, even if the company in question does not have any digital structure, agencies must carry out an SEO audit.


Because, precisely, it is the most opportune time to do this study:

If the client intends to achieve a good return on investment with the creation of his website, it is almost essential that he build it to measure.

What does this mean?

That with an analysis behind it, the site can be made according to the best industry standards and will be designed so that users satisfy their needs and so that Google spiders crawl the pages without any problem.

This will result in the website getting a better position on the results page.

Through the SEO Analysis, the agency will determine:

  • Technology suitable for the web.
  • The keywords with which the client should be positioned.
  • Recommended apps, features, or plugins for the site to function properly.
  • What should be the internal structure of the different pages.
  • What services should the site offer, taking into account what the competition offers.

When creating a plan from scratch to position a completely new website, it is clear that the number of hours of work by the SEO agency will be much higher.

As a consequence, the cost of the analysis will increase.

Scenario Two: The Client Just Launched Their Website

If the company has a digital structure, the tasks of the SEO agency will be greatly reduced.

A priori , it is easier to work on something that already exists, instead of having to add to the SEO Analysis all the worry that comes with creating a new website.

In this case, the variables that most affect the number of hours that the agency will use are:

  • Site size.
  • Technology used.
  • Industry competitiveness.

If the website is made in a content manager like WordPress , has a reduced number of pages and is in an industry that does not have big brands within the competition, the analysis can be carried out between 10 and 15 hours.

On the other hand, if the site is very large, configured with its own HTML code, and located in a highly competitive market such as real estate, the agency will need to perform a more complex analysis and create a more robust positioning strategy, which can take about 35 or 50 hours .

Scenario three: The client has had a website for more than 10 years

There are companies that after spending a lot of time with their website, are unaware of its current status.

In this case, the site may have undergone restructuring that may have affected its performance in Google from an SEO point of view.

Facing gigantic and poorly maintained websites is problematic.

How to know if a site has not been treated properly?

A site has not been maintained in the best way if it has any of the following characteristics:

  • It does not have a sitemap.
  • The internal structure is chaotic.
  • You have pages with content that is duplicated or taken from other sites ( copy-paste ).
  • It lacks consistent title tags , meta tags and H1s .
  • Register Google penalties for having carried out improper SEO practices.

These conditions will mean that, in addition to creating the report with recommendations and a route to follow to position the website, the SEO agency must establish a contingency plan that puts out all the fires that the client has on their site as quickly as possible.

This will require more hours of work and will increase the investment that the company must make.

industry competitiveness

In this section, the factors that affect the price of the SEO Analysis are the following:

  • Number of competitors to evaluate.
  • Amount of information/content on the Internet related to that market: What are other companies offering? What type of texts is Google positioning?
  • SEO difficulty to be located on the first page of search engines.

In the end, the competitiveness of the industry will determine not only the cost of the audit, but also the time that will have to be dedicated to the client each month to improve their position in Google during the content marketing phase .

website technology

We have mentioned this variable throughout the article:

It will always be easier to work with websites that are built on content managers like WordPress , because:

  • They are more intuitive.
  • They allow the use of plugins (web applications) that help with the performance of the pages .
  • Almost all SEO professionals are used to working on them.

This substantially decreases the hours of work, since the agency does not include programmers in this part of the project.

The fewer people involved in the analysis, the fewer hours will be required and, therefore, the lower the investment.

Experience of the SEO agency or professional

Naturally, working with Joaquín, an SEO specialist according to his LinkedIn and Fiver accounts, is not the same as hiring an agency with proven track record and achievements.

The more experience a professional or agency has, the higher their SEO hourly rate for work .

It should be noted that freelancers quote an average of  68 USD per hour , while agencies charge around  134 USD.

This trend is repeated for monthly fees:  agencies charge roughly twice as much as freelancers .

How much does SEO on Page cost?

An On Page SEO can cost between 600 USD and 3,000 USD, depending on the region and a few other factors. For more information, read our article: How much does SEO On Page cost? Variables and examples.

How much does an SEO text cost?

A deep SEO text (about 1800 words) is quoted between 360 USD and 2,400 USD. For more detailed information visit our article: How much does an SEO text cost?


1.- Evaluate the current state of your site.

If you know where you are, you will be able to calculate how many hours it will take for an agency to carry out the SEO Analysis of your website and, consequently, you will know more or less how much to invest.

2.- Never deprive yourself of carrying out this audit as the first step of an SEO project.

Otherwise, you will be a captain sailing without a compass in the middle of the ocean, condemned to arrive at the wrong port or, simply, to be shipwrecked in the sea of ​​web positioning.

If you want a quote, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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